Keratinocyte Basal Medium MCDB 153

Product Description


Product Name: Keratinocyte Basal Medium MCDB 153
Catalog No: PG053
Product Format: Liquid
Storage: 4°C

General Information: MCDB media were designed for the low-protein or serum-free growth
of specific cell types using hormones, growth factors, trace elements or low levels of
dialyzed fetal bovine serum protein (FBSP). Each MCDB medium was formulated
(qualitatively and quantitatively) to provide a defined and optimally balanced nutritional
environment that selectively promoted growth of a specific cell type. MCDB 105 and 110
are modifications of MCDB 104 medium, optimized for long-term survival and rapid clonal
growth of human diploid fibroblast-like cells (WI-38, MRC-5, IMR-90) and of low-passage
human foreskin fibroblasts using FBSP or hormone and growth factor supplements. MCDB
151, 153, 201 and 302 are modifications of Ham’s nutrient mixture F-12, designed for the
growth of human keratinocytes, clonal growth of chicken embryo fibroblasts and chinese
hamster ovary (CHO) cells using low levels of FBSP, extensive trace elements or no serum
protein. The selection of a nutrient medium is strongly influenced by 1. type of cell; 2.
type of culture (monolayer, suspension, clonal); and 3. degree of chemical definition
necessary. It is important to review the literature for recommendations concerning
medium, supplementation and physiological parameters required for a specific cell line.
MCDB 153 is a basal medium for the growth of normal keratinocytes and squamous
epithelial cells after growth factor supplementation. Calcium content is low. Supplement
with growth factors or fetal calf serum.
The medium is for research use only and not approved for human or animal use or for
application in any in vitro diagnostic procedure. Storage of the medium and supplements
Please note that the basal medium has to be stored at 4°C up to 8°C but never should be
frozen. The supplement has to be stored at -20°C. Protect from light for a longer time
Preparing and Stability:
Thaw the supplement mixture at 37°C before adding to the basal medium. After thawing
please rinse the bottle and the tube with 70% ethanol as protection. Remove ethanol
excess before opening the cap of the tube. After adding the supplement mixture to the
basal medium slew carefully to get a homogenous medium. Please be careful not to
touch the tube or bottle interior threads with your fingers. Please avoid long term
exposure to light because some components are light sensitive. Also do not warm up the
medium over 37°C. All this protects your medium against contamination or degradation
of essential components.

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