Immortalized Human Neuroepithelial Cells

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Immortalized Human Neuroepithelial Cells
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 ~1×10^6 cells per 1ml (vial)

 Liquid nitrogen


Product Information: Immortalized human neuroepithelial Cell, are symmetrically dividing cells that form the neural plate and neural tube during embryonic development. They exhibit typical epithelial features such as tight junctions and are highly polarized along their apical-basal axis.
Cells should grow well (doubling time < 36 h) without passage limitation in a conventional medium: Neuro Growth Media (HNM001).


Quality Control: Sterility, Safety (Biosafety Level 2), HIV/viruses, bacteria, fungi: negative; Cell viability post-thawing (>90%).

Thawing & Plating:  Prepare a culture vessel (2 µg/cm², T-25 flask is recommended). Add 5 ml of sterile Universal Coating Solution to a T-25 flask. Leave the vessel in a 37°C incubator   for a minimum of half hour.  Remove excess coating solution from the flask. The coated vessel is read to be use. * It is important that these cells are plated in a coated culture vessel to promote cell attachment.If the medium is warmed prior to use, do not exceed 37°C. When stored in the dark at 4°C, the supplemented medium is stable for one month. Add complete medium to the culture vessel. Leave the vessel in the sterile field and proceed to thaw the cryopreserved cells. A seeding density of 10,000-50,000 cells/cm² is recommended, with an optimal range of 20,000-25,000 cells/cm². NOTE: Dilution and centrifugation of cells after thawing are not recommended since these actions are more harmful to the cells than the effect of DMSO residue in the culture. Replace the cap or lid of the culture vessel and gently rock the vessel to distribute the cells evenly. Loosen cap, if necessary, to allow gas exchange.  Return the culture vessel to the incubator. For best results, do not disturb the culture for at least 16 hours after the culture has been initiated. Refresh culture medium the next day to remove residual DMSO and unattached cells, then every other day thereafter.

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