Heat Inactivated Fetal Bovine Serum

Product Description

In eukaryotic cell cultures, heat-inactivated fetal bovine serum is often used as a growth medium supplement. Good cell culture depends on the nutritional and growth-promoting components of FBS. In addition, it contains a variety of small molecules such as hormones, lipids, carbohydrates and amino acids.

We are a trusted brand for FBS (heat-inactivated) which is one of the most important supplements for promoting cell proliferation and cell proliferation for in vitro cell culture due to its unique and complete blend.


  • One of the best cell growth supplement, preferred over other supplements
  • Largely reduces the risk of antibody cross reaction with cells in culture
  • Produced with origin materials that have received EU approval and were heat-inactivated under strict quality control
  • Excellent properties of cell proliferation, minimal endotoxin levels, and low hemoglobin values
  • Outstanding performance across a variety of cell types
  • Available in 500 mL and 50 mL quantities
  • More inexpensive option to other commercially available FBS



Since Fetal Bovine Serum is one of the essential and widely used supplements that promote cell growth, one must know how it works. The complement Serum, antibodies, and other active enzymes will all be rendered inactive by heat. To protect the serum's capacity to promote cell growth and to limit the production of undesirable precipitates, the procedure must be carefully managed. The serum must be heated for exactly 30 minutes at +56 °C in a shaking water bath. Shaking will aid in preventing the development of protein and other types of precipitates. After 30 minutes, the serum is swiftly cooled back to room temperature to prevent prolonged heat exposure, which can harm, among other things, growth hormones and vitamins.

Why Use Heat Inactivated Fetal Bovine Serum?

Heat inactivation aims to eliminate complement activity in serum without damaging the product's growth-promoting properties. Most cell cultures do not require removal of complement activity from the serum, but cultures that are vulnerable to the activity could need it. In light of their own application, researchers should assess the heat inactivation's applicability.

Heat Inactivation

One may wonder what the objective of heat inactivation is and the answer is that it is actually a process by which serum is maintained at a temperature of around 56 degrees for about 30 minutes or so. This process helps stop complement activity in serum.

Chemical Analysis

This procedure is done in diagnostic laboratories for accurate results.

Biochemical Testing

Biochemical testing is done to diagnose concentration of metabolites, electrolytes and protein in serum.

Ordering Information

You can order it online.

Heat inactivated FBS vs FBS

It doesn’t make a lot of difference generally.

Why heat inactivation of serum is done?

It destroys ongoing activity in the serum without making an impact on the growth promoting elements of the product

Maximum quantity available reached.

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