GFP Expressing Human MDA-MB-231 (Breast Cancer cells)

Product Description
Products GFP Expressing Human MDA-MB-231 (Breast Cancer cells)
Catalogue Number UBP-0034GFP
Product Format Frozen Vial
Cell Number > 1×10[6] cells/vial
GENERAL INFORMATION Human MDA-MB-231 is a human adenocarcinoma cells derived from 51 year old (Caucasian) patient metastatic site. MDA-MB-231 are adherent epithelial like cells when culture with DMEM full medium containing 10% FBS. GFP-MDA-MB-231 cells are selected from puromycin resistant MDA-MB-231 after infected with GFP Expressing lentiviral particles. The cells are shipped in proliferating culture with >90 confluence or in a frozen vial with > 1.0 x 106cells/vial.
1. MDA-MB-231 cells are negative for HIV-1, HBV, HCV, and mycoplasma
PRODUCT USAGE Cells are offered for Research Use Only.
SHIPPING Frozen Vials in a Dry Ice Package.
HANDLING OF ARRIVING CELLS When you receive the dry ice package with cells in frozen vials, transfer the frozen vials of cells into a -80C freezer for short period storage or a liquid nitrogen tank for long- term storage.
A) Pre-coating of T25 flasks- Add 2ml each Universal Coating Solution (UBP-01) into a T25 flask to cover the whole surface of the flask, 5 mins later, dispose the excessive coating solution by aspiration and the flask is ready to be used.
B) Thaw the frozen cell vial in a 37C water bath first, and then transfer the cells into the pre-coated T25 flask with 10ml of DMEM containing 10%FBS, cells usually become confluent with 1-2 days and ready to be passaged.
C) To passage the cells, rinse the cells in a T25 flask with 5ml HBSS (RT) twice; then add 2ml Universal Detachment Solution (RT) (UBP-23) into one T25 flask; gently dispose the excessive Universal Detachment Solution within 20 seconds by aspiration.
D) Leave the T25 flask with the cells at RT or 37C for 1 min (most cells usually will detach from the surface within 1-2 mins; or monitor the cells under a microscope until most of cells become rounded up, and then gently tap the flask against the bench surface, and the cells will move on the surface of the flask when monitoring under microscope.
E) Add 5ml Universal Neutralization Buffer and spin down the cells with 800g centrifugation for 5 mins.
G) Re-suspend the cell pellet with 10 or 15ml Full medium and transfer 5 ml each into 2 or 3 pre-coated T25 flasks (for 1/2 to 1/3 subculture ratio).
H) Change medium every 2 or 3days and the cells usually become confluent within 7 days (when split at a 1/3 ratio).
Maximum quantity available reached.

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