Product Description


Catalog Number EGS-1001
Size 25 ml
Storage -20°C

Caution: Proper precautions must be taken to avoid exposure. Always wear proper protective equipment (Gloves, safety
glasses, etc.) when handling these materials. We recommend following the universal procedures for handling products of
human origin as the minimum precaution against contamination.
*The listed dilutions are for recommendation only and the ender users should optimize the final conditions.
Product Name: Endothelial Growth Supplements
Catalog No: EGS-1001
Size: 25ml
Storage: – 20°C
ENDO-Growth supplements (EGS-1001) contain supporting elements for endothelial proliferation
(including fetal bovine serum, recombinant growth factors, et al). Due to the nature of those
elements, certain level of lot-to-lot variability is unavoidable. Each lot of this product is tested in cell
culture to ensure its activity and sterility (This product contains antibiotics: penicillin and
Shipping Condition: Dry Ice
Storage Condition: The ENDO-Growth supplements (EGS-1001) should be stored at -20°C. If taking
from the original bottle is necessary, dispense the contents and re-freeze in small aliquots to avoid
freezing-thawing cycles.
Shelf Life: At least 1 year from the date of receiving the product if stored at -20°C.
Use of The ENDO-Growth supplements to Prepare Full Endothelial Growth Medium:
1) Thaw the ENDO-Growth supplements in a 37°C water bath or incubator and then add the 25 ml
(whole package size) of ENDO-Growth supplements to 475ml of the ENDO-Basal medium which
makes the total volume final EGM medium of 500ml. Antibiotics are already provided in ENDOGrowth supplements, which makes the final concentration of antibiotics as 1 x penicillin and
2) Take the amount of EGM needed and warm it to 37°C in a water bath or incubator. Avoid
frequent temperature change to the entire bottle of medium. The ENDO-Growth medium is stable.

Maximum quantity available reached.

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