Dialyzed Fetal Bovine Serum

Product Description

For specialized research involving nutritional characteristics and applications, where tiny molecules can interfere, Fetal Bovine Serum, Dialyzed is appropriate. Disruptive chemicals including amino acids, hormones, and cytokines are greatly diminished during the specific production procedure. We are trusted for our 10 kDa cut-off Dialyzed FBS, making it ideal for studying mitochondrial function and proteomics.


  • One of the best cell growth supplement, preferred over other cell growth supplements.
  • Mainly used in Serums where there is more in depth analysis of molecules required.

Why Use Dialyzed Fetal Bovine Serum?

Like mentioned above, Fetal Bovine Serum helps in maintaining cells and also promotes the growth of cells properly. Without FBS in place, the growth of cells will not occur properly. Dialyzed FBS is used when one needs to work with molecules which are much smaller in size. However, one must be careful since FBS can be toxic if done or used inappropriately.

Heat Inactivation

One may wonder what the objective of heat inactivation. The answer is that it is actually a process by which cell culture is continuously regulated at a temperature of around 56 degrees for about 30 minutes or so. If there are any activities going on between cell, heat inactivation will bring it all to a halt and that will not affect the growth of the cells.

Chemical Analysis

This procedure is done in diagnostic laboratories for accurate results. Various physical and chemical tests are done such as PH, Hemoglobin, Globulins etc.

Biochemical Testing

Further breakdown is done in this stage where multiple tests are conducted as per the requirements of quality control. The tests include Glucose, High Density Lipoproteins (HDL), Lactate Dehydrogenase, Low density Lipoproteins (LDL), Phosphorous (Inorganic), Potassium, Sodium, Triglycerides (TG), Uric Acid to name a few.

Ordering Information

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Dialyzed FBS vs FBS

FBS is a serum where one uses to promote cell growth properly. Dialyzed FBS is very similar to regular FBS except that it deals with more defined or smaller molecules in the cell culture. During the process, the serum is placed at 56 degrees for around 30 minutes in a water bath.

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