BGJb Medium Modified w/o L-Glutamine

Product Description


Product Name: BGJb Medium Modified w/o L-Glutamine
Catalog No: PG013
Product Format: Liquid
Stored at 4°C w/o L-Glutamine

General Information: Medium BGJ was originally developed by Biggers, Gwatkin and
Judah in the early 1960’s at the Wistar Institute. Subsequent studies resulted in a
modification designated BGJb which has been used for supporting cultures of cartilaginous
embryonic bone. An additional modification, developed by Sylvia Fitton-Jackson at
Strangeways Laboratory in England, is further enriched over the prior formulae. Additional
amino acids and vitamins, and increased buffering capacity conferred by the phosphates in
the Fitton-Jackson modification, create conditions that permit calcification and growth of
cartilaginous embryonic bone.
The medium is for research use only and not approved for human or animal use or for
application in any in vitro diagnostic procedure. Storage of the medium and
supplements Please note that the basal medium has to be stored at 4°C up to 8°C but
never should be frozen. The supplement has to be stored at -20°C. Protect from light for
a longer time period.
Preparing and Stability:
Thaw the supplement mixture at 37°C before adding to the basal medium. After thawing
please rinse the bottle and the tube with 70% ethanol as protection. Remove ethanol
excess before opening the cap of the tube. After adding the supplement mixture to the
basal medium slew carefully to get a homogenous medium. Please be careful not to touch
the tube or bottle interior threads with your fingers. Please avoid long term exposure to
light because some components are light sensitive. Also do not warm up the medium over
37°C. All this protects your medium against contamination or degradation of essential


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