Product Description


Product Name AlphaEpidermis
Catalog Number EP001
Product Format 6,12, and 24 well
Storage 37°C
Our 3D tissue human skin model derived epidermal keratinocytes, is manufactured in a
GMP lab. The 3D tissue is cultured to form a multilayered, differentiated model of the
human epidermis. This model is generically as reconstructed human epidermis. Our 3D
model are cultured in inserts using serum free medium, our 3D skin model is parallel to
human skin, thus providing a useful in vitro means to assess dermal irritancy and
toxicology. Our highly differentiated 3D tissue human skin model is perfect for gene
expression analysis and RNAi / siRNA-Based therapeutic drug screening. Replacing very
expensive animal and human clinical testing.
This model can be used to study the following disease, but not limited to those applications:
1) Late-stage neurological trypanosomiasis ( sleeping sickness)
2) Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML)
3) Meningitis brain abscess epilepsy multiple sclerosis
4) De vivo disease Alzheimer’s disease cerebral edema
5) Prion and prion-like diseases
6) HIV encephalitis
7) Rabies
8) Neuromyelitis optica


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