1X Phosphate Buffered Solution 1000 mL

Product Description


Product Name 1X Phosphate Buffer Solution
Catalog Number 1XPBS-001
Product Format Liquid
Storage Room Temperature
Size 1000mL

*Caution: The handling of human derived products has potential to be biologically. All Cell strains tested negative for HIV, HBV, and HCV DNA
in diagnostic tests. Proper precautions must be taken to avoid exposure. Always wear proper protective equipment (Gloves, safety glasses, etc.)
when handling these materials. We recommend following the universal procedures for handling products of human origin as the minimum
precaution against contamination.
1X Phosphate Buffer Saline is ready to use buffer solution commonly used in Biological research.
Phosphate-buffered saline PBS is ideal for maintaining a constant pH, and since it is isotonic and nontoxic to cells, it can be used a wide variety of biological applications. PBS Buffer is frequently used as a
wash and dilution buffer, and is also used to take a reference spectrum protein adsorption.

Our product unique characteristics:

2 years’ shelf life
Great for washing Coating plates, and T-flasks
Purity > 98% (SDS PAGE)
Dilution Buffe

Product Composition

Phosphate Buffer 10mM
Potassium Chloride 2.7mM
Sodium Chloride 137mM
Potassium Phosphate 1.7mM
pH 7.4±0.2 (25°C)

1) If buffer is used in cell culture applications, sterilization of the solution may be necessary.
2) Pre-diluted buffer can be dispensed into aliquots and sterilized by the autoclaving (20min,
121°C, Liquid Cycle)
3) Phosphate Buffer saline can be stored at room temperature, but non- sterile solution may
warrant refrigeration to prevent bacterial growth over time.
4) Concentrated stocks solutions may precipitate when cooled and should be kept at room
temperature until precipitate has completely dissolved before use.



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