AlphaBioGel Matrix

Product Description

Product Name: AlphaBioGel Matrix
Catalog No: PG004
Product Format: Frozen
Storage: -20°C

General Information: General Information: In classic tissue engineering and regenerative
medicine research combines cells and scaffolds, induced to grow with biochemical and
mechanical stimuli, in a laboratory setting for organ repair and replacement,
AlphaBioGel Matrix composed extracellular matrix (ECM) fibrous protein molecules
secreted by cells. AlphaBioGel Matrix provides structural and biochemical support to
the surrounding cells in 3D tissue models. AlphaBioGel Matrix special formulation
increase cell adhesion, cell-to-cell communication and differentiation. AlphaBioGel
Matrix fibrous proteins fill the interstitial space and act as a compression buffer
against the stress placed on the 3D tissue model, while helping cells build strong
Basement membranes and increasing cell survival


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